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Michal Orlowski Podiums the IFMAR Worlds in 4WD Buggy!

We would like to send a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to 1up Driver Michal Orlowski on his 3’rd place finish at the IFMAR Worlds in 4wd Buggy! Michal uses the Pro Pack lubricants and 1up Racing accessories to prep his Schumacher cars!

From Michal’s Facebook:
“That is it. 3rd place at the IFMAR 1/10th electric off-road World Championships in the 4WD class.

It was a difficult and long week of hardcore racing. I’m so grateful of my team and what we have achieved in the recent years and I consider this, as one of our best results. At the end of the day 3rd in the world at such competitive Worlds isn’t something anyone can be unhappy about.

Of course I’m a bit gutted, as at one point I really thought there is a chance, but it wasn’t enough this time. We will try next time.

I would like to thank Trish, my dad, Jürgen, Jorn, Robin and everyone of our #SchumacherFamily that attended this race and helped us in any way.

Last, but not least, huge huge huge thank you to all my sponsors that have pushed my racing career forward and helped me be where I am now.

Well done to Bruno Coelho on the title and Dakotah Phend on 2nd place. We will try again in 2 years in North America!

Onto the next one!”