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New Arrivals & Restocks from MuchMore Racing

We just received a large restock order from MuchMore Racing to top off our inventory which also included 2 Brand New Arrivals!

The MuchMore Racing Fireproof LiPo Safety Bags are made from fireproof fibers to protect your pit from a LiPo fire while charging or discharging.  These also works great for storage and hold up to 3 batteries!
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The MuchMore Racing Multi Shock-Maintenance Clamp Tool is a new must-have item for every Racer’s toolbox!  This makes quick work of building and rebuilding shocks while keeping the shock shaft in perfect condition.  The build in pivot ball tool is perfect for safely removing and installing pivot balls for shock mounts, turnbuckles or any other installation.  To top it off, the handle offers 4mm and 5mm holes which can be used for soldering bullet plugs.

Click Here to check it out in the 1up Pro Shop!