1up Pro Shop B6.2 Ceramic Bearing Set

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Our 1up Pro Shop Exclusive B6.2 Ceramic Bearing Set will increase efficiency, lower motor temps and increase RPMs. Perfect for today’s stock racer looking for every edge possible!

The full set includes:
8 – 5x10x4mm Bearings
2 – 5x12x4mm Bearings
4 – 10x15x4mm Bearings

With increased performance comes a little more maintenance. Follow these simple guide lines to keep your bearings in top level shape!

  • After every race day simply take off your pinion and check for any grit. If your bearings are gritty follow the next couple steps. If there is no grit just re-oil after 3 to 4 race days.
  • Use only citrus based cleaners. Do not use brake cleaners or electric motors cleaners!
  • Not necessary but if possible use a heated ultrasonic cleaner.
  • After cleaning let the bearings dry completely
  • Re-oil with 1up Racing Clear Bearing Oil

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