1up Racing DTCv2 – AE TC7.2


DTCv2 Conversion for the Team Associated TC7.2 Includes

-150111 Aluminum Knuckles
-150112 CF Knuckle Arms
-150113 Aluminum Main Hubs
-150114 Aluminum Lower Bearing Hubs
-150115 Inner and Outer Ball Studs
-150116 5×8 Ball Bearings
-150117 DTCv2 Hardware
-150118 35mm Aluminum Turnbuckles

Requires 4 ball cups for installation.

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Our original Dynamic Toe Control conversion for the TC7.1 went on to win back-to-back ROAR National Championships in 2017 and 2018 in the hands of Rick Hohwart and Ryan Cavalieri!

We are extremely excited to bring that championship winning geometry into an all new design for 2019 with 3 major goals.  DTCv2 had to be stronger, lighter, and more versatile!

No compromises were made when it came to selecting materials for the v2 design.  The knuckles, hubs, and turnbuckles are all precision machined from aircraft grade United States 7075-T6 alloy.

(Shown with our +2• Pivot Blocks – Not included.)

The knuckle is suspended between 2 5x8mm ball bearings for the smoothest movement possible.  The outer camber link ball stud threads directly into the hub ensuring there is no bind as the knuckle goes through it’d dynamic movement.

2.5mm thick carbon fiber arms extend forward from the knuckles.  Black anodized aluminum locknuts and shims are included standard.  Hardened steel is used for the inner and outer ball studs.

DTCv2 uses 100% genuine 1up Racing parts and adds 28% less weight than the original!  V2 features an ultra low CG design with the weight moved towards the center of the car.

Our new hub offers axle height adjustment.  Use the low position for increased stability on high grip tracks, or raise the knuckle for increased off-power steering on low grip tracks.

The unique 2 piece hub allows the standard rear arms to retain all of their material and rigidity.  This keeps the car feeling far more consistent throughout the run.

The DTCv2 hubs mount to your stock rear arms with standard hardware. Switching back and forth between the stock rear hub and the DTCv2 hub assembly is quick and easy!

The DTCv2 hubs come completely assembled by 1up Racing!  Remove the bearings and hardware from your original hub and install in the DTCv2 hubs.  Run the included 1mm wheelbase adjustment spacer towards the front of the car for the initial setting.

The Team Associated TC7.2 chassis features 2 screw holes for the DTCv2 inner mounts. These are found to the left and right sides of the motor mount.  Use the included M3x6FH screws to secure the inner mounts to the chassis.

The bottom M3x2.5mm set screws have thread lock already applied.  Tighten so they are snug on the hinge pin. Do not over-tighten these screws!

When switching from stock hubs to the DTCv2 hubs it is recommended to add 10g to the front plastic bumper to keep the same weight bias.

Adjust to 3° static toe and add or reduce toe as needed.

Dynamic toe is easily adjusted by shimming the outer ball studs. Less shims will result in more dynamic toe gain as the suspension compresses resulting in more forward traction. More shims results in less dynamic toe and provides increased mid-corner rotation and improved stability under braking.

Pair your DTCv2 conversion with our TC7.2 +1.5• & +2• Pivot Blocks for even more tuning options!  These will allow you to run a straight inner rear hinge pin without making the car too narrow!

BUILD NOTE – If the axle bearings bind after installing the wheel, an extra spacer is needed.  Please add a 5mm ID x .2mm spacer along with the crush spacer between the axle bearings to prevent any binding.


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