MuchMore Racing Hybrid Touch AC/DC DUO Charger

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Display: 4.3inch Full Touch Screen LCD
Charges: Li-Po / Li-Hv / Li-Fe / Li-Ion : 1-6cells, Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh : 1-15cells, Pb(Lead Acid) : 2-20V, Smart Battery ( TYPE-I / II / III ) 5-27V / 0.1-20A
Memory: 8 Model
Ext. Temp Socket: Futaba 3P Socket
Charge Current: 0.1-20A x 2
Balancing Current: 0.5A / cell
Discharge Current:  0.1-5.0A x 2
Discharge Power: 25W x 2
DC Input: 10-30V
AC Input: 110-240V
Weight: 1,168g
Dimensions: 195 x 143 x 40mm (L x W x H)

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Hybrid Touch DUO AC/DC Charger offers ground breaking new features with 400 watt max power via dual 200 + 200watt circuits
allowing for simultaneous charging of two batteries up to each 20amps!
(When used with DC power supply)
New design touch screen with full color. Each menu can be accessed instantly with intuitive function. Efficient battery management function helps manage the battery in the best condition even during the race, as well as general driving.
This product has a built-in power supply. You can supply power to LED stand, tire warmer, etc. USB charge port is built-in for smartphone charging.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3.5 in