MuchMore Racing Fleta ZX V2 17.5 ER Spec Brushless Motor w/ 21XR Rotor

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Muchmore Racing’s Research and Development Team has successfully designed a brand new motor that guarantees maximum power and efficiency, the FLETA ZX V2! The latest version for 20201 includes the MR-FZR21XR Spec Rotor which offers drastically improved torque and is the choice of MuchMore Racing’s on and off-road team drivers!
Using the new Flow-Max 2 Cooling System, we were able to enhance cooling efficiency by 15% in comparison to our previous motors which is great achievement in terms of keeping the motor performance as high as possible. The new High Power Stator design does not use a separate insulator, offering lower weight and maximum cooling efficiency. All FLETA ZX V2 motors incorporate “Maximum Low Resistance Copper Wire” that allows extremely low internal resistance and results in maximum power output. Heavy-duty silver-plate solder tabs come standard offering reduced resistance.

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