MuchMore Racing IC Controlled Can-Type Tire Warmers – 1/10 Electric TC

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Improve overall traction by heating your tires with the latest generation MuchMore Racing IC Controlled Tire Warmers!  These make the car more consistent from the start to end of a run allowing you to focus on driving rather than adapting to a constantly changing car.

This set includes can-type warmers commonly used with 1/10 Electric Touring Cars.

• Quick Warming (℃ 20~80, 100 / ℉ 68~176, 212)
• CTX-2 step, 3step warming
• Laptimer
• Celsius – Fahrenheit selectable display
• Minimum Temperature setting
• 8 Different beep tones
• Adjustable back light and contrast
• Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
• Temperature of 4 tire is controlled by IC
• Car stand design, Light weight
• Removable front & rear tire warmer
• Double side power connector
• Wireless action by battery pack(Battery not included)
• Inserted battery can be charged outside without disassembly (Charging and balance cable included)
• Various alarm system like disconnection, delay, low input voltage and etc

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Dimensions 8 × 11 × 3.25 in