MuchMore Racing Volt Meter 2S Charge Leads 4/5mm Bullet – Type B

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 This product is a 2-cell balance charging lead with built-in Volt meter.
Also, You can use other chargers with the same charging lead type.
Muchmore Racing 4mm & 5mm Multi Bullet Plug is 4 point contacts provide Ultra low resistance.
The 10awg wire is suitable for high amperage charging.

When using batteries with different battery connector sizes (4mm or 5mm),
can be connected to a charger without any extension.

If available for Hybrid Touch AC/DC DUO Charger, you must use the correct type for the channel.
Type L is Left Side(MR-VM2SBC45A), Type R is Right Side(MR-VM2SBC45B)
( Each product is sold individually )

For use with the Cellmaster Specter charger, use Type L (MR-VM2SBC45A).

Battery voltage can be checked real time.
And you can check the current battery voltage without the charging.

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Weight .23 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .75 in