RC MAKER Front Body Stabilizer for Low Shock Touring Cars

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Introducing the innovative new shock tower attachment that increases the bodies downforce transfer to your car, whilst also preventing bodyshell flex and roll, causing scrubbing in the wheel arches.

With modern bodyshells being so low and thin, the downforce generated isn’t effectively transferred to the car due body flex, especially in the front-mid section. The RC MAKER Front Body Stabilizer transfers downforce directly into the top of the front shocks, increasing your steering in corners, and stability on the straights.

As well as this, they prevent the body rolling onto the outside tire in cornering. Wheel arch rubbing is not goos for your body, tires or corner speed! Our Front Body Stabilizer helps prevent the bodyshell rolling during cornering, by supporting it widely over the wheel arches.

The Front Body Stabilizers are adjustable in height, and can be further adjusted by adding foam on top of the platform. They fit all modern low profile shock touring cars (T4’20, BD10, IF14-2, R12, Mi7 etc), and are an optimized fit for the latest bodies from ProtoForom, Zoo Racing, BittyDesign and Xtreme.

We recommend using 1up Racing 3×8 Perfect Center UltraLite Screws to mount the top of your shock due to the extra thickness of the Stabilizers.


  • Increases downforce transfer from the body to the car
  • Increases stability of the car on straights and direction changes
  • Increases corner speed due to reduced scrubbing in the wheel arches
  • Super light 5mm Carbon Fiber construction
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia

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