RC MAKER Hex-Lite Premium Tool Set w/ 3D Pro Tool Stand

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Introducing the RC MAKER Hex-Lite Premium Tool Set for wrenching on your ride!  Included are common sizes: 1.5mm Hex, 2mm Hex, 2.5mm Hex, 3mm Hex, 5.5mm Nut, 7mm Nut

We wanted to develop a Tool Set that was stealth for all pits, comfortable in hand and most importantly with durable tips to stand the test of time. Over a year of durability testing and development brings you what we believe is all of these in one, at a very affordable price!

The tool handles are made from 6061 Alu and feature a durable black anodized coating with laser engraved RC MAKER Logo and Size on both the handle and end, making it easy to identify when sitting flat on your bench or vertical in a tool stand.

The tips are steel with a titanium coating which we have found to last well over a year of solid racing. They are true to size and fit snug in all popular screws we have tested. We also have replacement tips available if you happen to wear them out!

Included for FREEin the set is a limited edition RC MAKER 3D Pro Tool Stand which will only ever be sold with the tool set. It features a slightly different design and also a slot for our Premium Long Reach Ride Height Gauge.


  • 18mm Handle Diameter
  • 180mm Overall Length
  • Fits MR33, Hudy & Arrowmax Alu Tool Stands

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Weight .72 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in