WellRC Racing WellDock for Hudy StarBox & Mugen Pro Starter

$19.99 $17.99

Have you ever wished you could dock your car on it’s starter box faster? If yes, then the WellDock is for you!

The WellDock offers oversize plates which make docking your car on it’s starter box easy, even when you’re in a rush! A direct fit for the Hudy StarBox and Mugen Pro Starter and installs easily with existing hardware. Made from high quality ABS plastic to ensure the WellDock can hold up to any punishment you send it’s way!

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Easily install the WellDock on your Hudy StarBox or Mugen Pro Starter with standard hardware included with the starter box.

Center the car and push forward to align the front peg, then the rear of the car drops into place!

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Weight .07 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × .3 in
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Infinity IF18, Mugen MRX6, Serpent 988/989, XRay RX8.2, W.R.C. GTX, Infinity IF15, Mugen MTX7, Serpent 750, W.R.C. NTX

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