TC7 Series Dynamic Toe Control Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the 1up Racing DTC conversion for your TC7/7.1! Your DTC conversion includes everything you need for an easy bolt-on installation. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to hit the track in no time!

Take a moment to verify all the contents in your DTC conversion. You should have:

(1) Pair of DTC C-Hubs
(1) Pair of DTC Inner Mounts
(1) Pair of DTC Rear Arms
(1) Pair of DTC Knuckles
(1) Pair of FT Titanium Turnbuckles
(4) DTC Bushings
(4) 5mm Silver Ball Studs
(4) 2mm FT Washers
(4) 3×6 FH Screws
(2) 3×8 Set Screws
(2) 3×3 Set Screws

If you are missing any of these pieces,
please contact

Prepare your TC7 for the DTC installation by removing the rear shocks, hub carrier assemblies, and rear arm assemblies as shown.

Using the 2mm FT blue spacers, bolt the 5mm silver ballstuds to the DTC inner mounts as shown.

Now bolt the inner mounts to the chassis using 4 3x6mm FH screws. Pay close attention to the direction of the mounts!

Remove the hardware from your stock rear arms and bolt it to the DTC rear arms just as it was. The top side of the arms have a pocket for clearance of the DTC C-Hubs.</p> <p>For this high bite asphalt setup we are using 3 dot out inserts in the RF blocks and 3 dot in inserts in our RR blocks.

For our high bite asphalt setup we will also be removing 2mm from the ends of a gray (1.3mm) swaybar.</p> <p>The DTC set adds weight to the rear of the car and by shortening the swaybar we are actually making if stiffer to help support the extra weight we are adding. This step is optional but also helps with clearance of the DTC knuckle and can easily be done with wire cutters or a Dremel.

Remove all of the hardware shown here from your stock hub carriers.

Remove the hardware from your stock rear arms and bolt it to the DTC rear arms just as it was. The top side of the arms have a pocket for clearance of the DTC C-Hubs. Now assemble the DTC knuckles as shown. Install the included 5mm silver ballstuds to the underside of the DTC knuckles into the B position.

Coat the DTC bushings with 1up Racing Gold Anti-Wear grease as shown.

Now press the bushings into the DTC C-Hubs as shown. Twist the bushings around a bit to spread the Gold grease evenly, and then wipe away any excess that may have been pressed out

Here we show the completed right side DTC hub. Use the stock outer ballstud and turnbuckle assembly to secure the top of the DTC knuckle. Use the included 3x8 mm set screw to secure the bottom of the knuckle, screw this in until it is flush with the bottom of the bushing. Apply blue Loctite to the included 3x3 set screw and thread it into the outer hole in the C-Hub about 1 turn, do not tighten. Mirror these steps for the left side assembly. *Your DTC knuckle should turn freely in the hub. Do not over-tighten the top ball stud. If your knuckle is not free you may need to shave the top and bottom where the screws were installed, they can cause a slight lip to form which can bind the DTC system.

Position the included FT blue 2mm spacer at the front of the knuckle and use the stock outer hinge pin to attach the DTC hub assembly to the arm. Line up the flat spot in the outer hinge pin with the 3x3 set screw and tighten the screw just past where it makes contact with the hinge pin.</p> <p>Flip the assembly over to the top side of the arm, line up your driveshaft with the diff outdrive and snap on the turnbuckle. Mirror these steps for the left side assembly. *Do not over tighten the set screw or you can crack the hinge pin!

You're almost there! Just thread the included turnbuckles into the ball cups leaving 20.25mm of the turnbuckle exposed and pop them on. This setup will have 2.5° of static toe with .5° dynamic toe gain as the suspension compresses. Attach your shocks and the installation is complete!